DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – When most people think of Russian artist Marc Chagall, they think of his colorful paintings, but he worked in many different artistic styles.  The Dallas Museum of Art takes you through his entire artistic career, in Chagall: Beyond Color.

The exhibition is designed to be toured in chronological order.  It’s a simple way to go through the career of Chagall but also to discover so many things he did that people are not aware of, such as ceramics, sculpture and collages.

One of the most spectacular parts of the exhibition is a stage with costumes made by Chagall.

Dallas Museum of Art Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs, Olivier Meslay told us about Chagall’s work with theater.  “These costumes were painted by Chagall himself, it’s not printed.  He was actually on stage and sometimes would tell a dancer to stop and he would had some brush strokes on the costume.  They are incredibly beautiful.”

Along with Chagall’s work with ballet, most people don’t know of his other works in ceramic, sculpture and collages, Meslay explained they know his message.  “He’s painting about love, but he’s also sculpting and making ceramics about the same theme.  You have this beautiful couple that are lying together and going through the entire career of Chagall which is really amazing.”

The Dallas Museum of Art is the only museum in the nation where you can see Chagall: Beyond Colors, but you have to do it before May 26.  Click here for ticket information.

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