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Alright, maybe you missed the show.  If you did, first of all, shame on you.  Second of all here’s the next best thing, my scatterbrained recollection of the main things we got accomplished.

If you came here for the reigning G-Bag of the Night, here that thing is.  It’s a Boston play by play team involved in a mustard heist.

The Cowboys had their Pre-Draft presser with Jerry, Stephen, Jason and Tom scouting man with long name I don’t wanna try and spell.  They danced around without giving us any information, until the mics were turned off and I spotted Stephen making a fast getaway down a hallway.  Don’t worry, I caught him and tracked down information on the “Blue Star Special”.  The definition of that is guys like Sean Lee, Demarco Murray, Bruce Carter etc.  Guys the Boys drafted to try and get good value because they were talented, but hurt going into the draft.

Here Stephen acknowledges that might be a bad idea this year with only 6 picks and a whole bunch of needs.  Also I stumble all over myself trying to ask the question, which is fun.

We did some making fun of Josh Hamilton and how bad he’s been this year, then he went 4-4 and told us to shut up.  No big deal though, Rangers still beat the Angels.  Sorry, that’s “First place Texas Rangers”.

Oh, Game of Thrones.  Great show.  You need to watch it so you aren’t lost 3-4 minutes a night in the Nation.  Gavin has the dragon lady as the early favorite to end up as the big winner.  I’ve got young Arya Stark somehow ending up running the world.

What are the Cowboys going to do in the draft?  Right now it’s wide open.  Could they trade up a few spots if Jonathan Cooper or Chance Warmack slides into the teens?  They could.  Could they trade down because they don’t see a guy that warrants the 18th pick and think they could move down and plug 3 holes in the second round with guys like Justin Pugh (OT – Syracuse), Kyle Long (Guard – Oregon), Eric Reid (S – LSU)?  They could.  Could they sit right there at 18 and take a DT like Sylvester Williams (DT – UNC)?  Yep.

Also, keep your eye on Tyler Wilson around the 5th round for those of you who want the Cowboys to take a QB.

That’s why I got.  Awesome out.

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