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I-Team Investigates Fort Worth Fertilizer Plant

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West Explosion

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166874171 I Team Investigates Fort Worth Fertilizer PlantFull Coverage

(credit: CBS 11 KTVT)

(credit: CBS 11 KTVT)

FORT WORTH (CBS 11) – In the wake of the fertilizer explosion in West, there are questions and concerns about other fertilizer plants in North Texas. Several people in a north Fort Worth neighborhood told CBS 11 they’re worried about the American Plant Food Corporation facility on Deen Road. The plant has no connection to the plant in West.

The fertilizer facility is not only next to their neighborhood, but also an elementary school.

The I-Team found the type of fertilizer stored at the Fort Worth facility is not the same type of fertilizer stored at the West facility.

According to the American Plant Food’s hazardous chemical inventory report, the two chemicals  — ammonium nitrate and anhydrous ammonia — believed to have caused the explosion in West are not found at the Fort Worth facility.

In a written statement the American Plant Food Corporation said, “The main ingredient in all of our fertilizers is ammonium sulfate. Ammonium sulfate is a non-hazardous material. In fact, it is a fire retardant. In addition to its use as a fertilizer, it is used as insulation and as an ingredient in fire extinguishers. It is also used to fight wildfires by application from helicopter.”

Some neighbors, however; are still concerned.

“Now that the West deal happened, yes I’m worried,” said Fred Longoria who lives across the street from the plant.

Cesar Chavez Primary School is located less than 500 feet from the facility. Fort Worth ISD officials said they’ve looked into the potential dangers of the plant.

“As far as we are concerned we don’t see any particular danger from that particular plant outside any other danger that might exist, said Clint Bond, a spokesperson for Fort Worth ISD. “I mean we could have a meteor fall from the sky and we can’t plan for that.”

According to facility’s inventory report, the only chemical stored at the site deemed a fire hazard is diesel fuel.

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