Tuesday’s cold front sent us some late season cold that really packed a punch.  A glance at the climatology report from yesterday shows the high at 69 degrees, but that occurred shortly after midnight.  Afternoon readings were held to 48 degrees or cooler with gusty northwest winds yielding Wind Chill Factors near 40 degrees.  As the mercury dropped through the evening hours, it dipped to 41 degrees before midnight and tied the record low for the date.

Record Breaking Cold


With the low temperature reaching 37 degrees at DFW this morning, that makes another record low for today’s date.  That last time we had two consecutive record lows was March 8-9, 1996.  The lows this morning are below.

Lows This Morning Low Temps Today


Sunshine and temperatures in the low 60s will be the story this afternoon.  Winds will stay breezy from the northwest, but start to ease late this afternoon through the overnight hours.  Skies will be mostly clear to partly cloudy and temperatures again will drop into the upper 30s for many suburbs and rural areas.  Tomorrow’s record low is 33 degrees, a record set in 1910.

NTX Futurecast Temps NTX Futurecast Temps


Our pattern will stay active this week with clouds building back into our skies tomorrow ahead of another upper level system coming in from California.  The system is expected to track across Oklahoma yielding the best rain chances there. Showers and storms are possible Friday from the midday hours into Saturday morning.