CORINTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The real authorities in Corinth are trying to track down a fake police officer who has performed a traffic stop on at least one woman in the city. That incident happened late last week along Interstate-35E, and law enforcement officials are now worried that he may strike again.

The suspect has been described as a six foot tall black male with hairy arms, a thin mustache and a small cross tattoo on his left hand.

During the fake traffic stop, the man searched the victim’s car and threatened to arrest her with handcuffs. “The suspect actually had the driver exit the vehicle and he performed a search of this lady’s vehicle,” explained Lt. Jimmy Craig with the Corinth Police Department. “She complied with his commands and, at one point, he actually removed a pair of handcuffs and threatened to arrest her and take her in.”

Craig said that the suspect is driving a silver Crown Victoria with a thin light bar across the roof. And while the victim did not recall the license plate number from the suspect’s car, she was able to give a detailed description of the vehicle. The car has paint chipping on the front, damage on the rear driver’s side, and it does not have a state inspection or registration sticker.

Police are focusing on the body damage. “Something about this vehicle that is kind of distinguishing between it and others,” said Craig, “it has some body damage on the driver’s side rear quarter panel.” Authorities are hoping that this information can help lead them to the suspect.

Anyone with information about this vehicle or the suspected fake police officer is urged to contact the Corinth Police Department immediately.

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