DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – – Guns are banned on most public and private college campuses in Texas right now. But one signature from the governor could change that.

State lawmakers approved a bill clearing the way for people with gun permits to bring their weapons to campus. Senate Bill 1907 calls for allowing anyone with a handgun license to bring those weapons on campus, but they must keep that gun in a locked vehicle. The bill also blocks schools from adopting rules that could ban campus handgun access.

On the Richland College campus in Dallas, where there are 25-thousand students at any given time, the potential changes to the law are getting a mixed reaction.

“I think they should be allowed to do what they want,” said student Freddie Salas. “Everyone has a right to protect yourself. You never know in the world that we live in today there’s so much crime and stuff.”

“It’s kinda to the extreme, like, to bring a gun to the campus. Cause you know, anything could happen, somebody could go crazy, somebody could make somebody mad, and then they just pull out a gun and then just be a big riot,” said student Monica Rushing.

“If people are under trained, and they’re carrying concealed handguns to the campus. Like, I feel uneasy,” said Jason Samuel.

“It makes sense, but if you arm everyone, then it’s free game,” added Olivia Asenime.

College and university leaders have been fighting against a number of handgun bills, including some that allowed permit holders to carry concealed weapons on campus.

They will likely win that fight, but lose this one.

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