FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Parents of Pinnacle Academy students have yet another safety concern as they send their children to class.

Earlier this year, the school battled a rat infestation problem that posed a health hazard and forced classes outside the building.

Now parents are worried the real danger rests outside the school and the wooden playground where a number of children have suffered broken bones and head injuries.

Seven-year-old Raymundo Martinez is the latest victim of the playground. He says he was running and tripped. Six staples and two days later, he’s back at school, but his mother worries about his safety.

“The incident really scared me,” said Rosie Martinez. “He’s small and it was in a playground.”

Parents say the injury happened only weeks after another first grader suffered a broken wrist when she fell from the monkey bars. They say school officials promised to build a new playground months ago.

“I just kind of wish they would have taken off the dangerous equipment. It would be better to have none than the ones kids are getting hurt on,” said parent Brandy Anderson.

The charter school’s superintendent admits he’s rejected two new playground proposals because they were unsafe.

One student suggested that the school make modifications to the existing equipment. “They might need to like place something safe under the monkey bars because if they fall people won’t get so hurt,” said Lilly Anderson.

The Centers for Disease Control says each year 200,000 children under 14 are injured on U.S. playgrounds.

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