DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent may be forced to sit in jail while he awaits his trial for intoxication manslaughter.

A bond hearing is set for Friday morning, at which prosecutors plan to ask for Brent’s bond to be revoked.

The district attorney filed papers on Thursday claiming that Brent has repeatedly violated the terms of his bond. Prosecutors stated that the alcohol monitor which Brent has been wearing has showed signs of alcohol use on at least four different occasions. The ankle monitor tests for alcohol every 30 minutes of every day.

The papers also claimed that Brent has failed to show up at bond supervision appointments.

According to the documents, a judge warned Brent in March about violating the terms of his bond. Prosecutors will argue that, given the severity of the charge and Brent’s problems with the conditions of his bond, Brent poses a threat to the community.

Brent is under indictment for the December 8 crash in Irving that killed his teammate, Jerry Brown. Prosecutors said that he was drunk at the time.

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