DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are not many things more personal than your personal space. So, how do you use it? Sarah Picard, the leading designer with Picard Design Studio in Dallas, is inspiring others to use something old to create something new.

Picard was the winner of a 2011 design competition where the purpose was to re-purpose. Now, her designs are some of the very first things that you see when you walk into the ReStore in Dallas. “We want to put ideas together so the consumer can come in and say, ‘Wow, I never thought of that,'” Picard said.

The ReStore is a part of Habitat For Humanity. There are three locations in Dallas County. Using donations and overstock purchases, they create both a shopping venue and an idea store for those looking to decorate a home. It is a charity and a business trying to re-purpose people’s minds about the things that we keep and the things that we throw away. “Over the last three years, the proceeds from our stores have helped serve over 450 families in the Dallas area,” said Ron Collins with Dallas Habitat For Humanity.

“I approach it space by space,” said Picard. “I want to renovate a kitchen or a bathroom and, really, you can come and outfit that entire room here at the ReStore.”

This is more than a niche market for Picard. She takes pride in owning and creating these works. “It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I didn’t have to go and spend $1,500 on a new chair. I could spend $75 and my own time to reupholster it,” Picard said. “I ended up with a new chair.”

These are ideas that everyone can embrace — use less, reuse whatever you can, and help out others. “We want the question mark or the exclamation point to come up above the head when people walk in and see what they can do,” said Picard.

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