By Steve Pickett

PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – A snake in the grass — it’s not just an expression in Plano. There is a lot of snake activity for those trying to enjoy the city’s Bob Woodruff Park. The snakes are not aggressive, but the sightings are making some residents nervous.

The park is often referred to as Plano’s perfect place. Children are plentiful, and so are the ducks. But posted signs remind visitors of what else may be lurking in the weeds, or in the park’s lake. Be on the lookout for snakes.

“The two that were below my feet, three to four feet,” said Tracy Wayne Nix, describing the length of the animals that he recently encountered. And he has seen many, many more. In just one day, Nix said that he saw more than a dozen snakes near or in the grassy areas that circle the park’s lake. “My message is, when you’re around the park, keep your kid away from this tall grass — I don’t care where it is in Texas —  to keep them from being bitten by a snake.”

The City of Plano has taken steps to remove some of the snakes from the area, in an attempt to ease resident concerns. But, said city employee Kym Hughes, “We don’t see a threat because we haven’t seen poisonous ones. Never seen a poisonous snake here. But we know the public is afraid of snakes in general.”

“I think it’s the way it is,” said Plano resident Amy Chambers. “Just part of nature. I don’t see anything to worry about.”

Wildlife specialists said that we are in a late breeding season for snakes, which is why people are seeing more of them emerge. For resident comfort, the City of Plano will be continue to remove more snakes from the park area.

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