FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – A Florida entertainment company is moving its headquarters to Fort Worth.

DreamVision is planning to build an 80,000 square foot studio and office.

Company leaders also say they will build a theme park in North Texas.

At this point an exact location has yet to be finalized.

“We see this as the future family entertainment capital of the world that’s a big statement to make,” says Chief Executive Officer Rick Silanskas. “There will be substantial opportunity as far as educational development in film, television, animation, and theme park development.”

DreamVision will have a big unveiling and party Saturday near the Convention Center in downtown Fort Worth where more specifics will be released.

There will be live music, food and a fireworks show company leaders describe as spectacular.

Silanskas says the company’s vision is simple: family values. “I wanted to return to a core set of values in family entertainment that I grew up with that you can take your mom, dad and grandma to a film or theater or musical production and not be afraid of something off color.”

Silanskas says they also want to show off technology they’ve been working on which takes animations to the next level.

The technology is behind a short animation called “Hooked.”

“The has the most experienced entertainment team in the world on the ground as we speak,” says Ron Logan who is a former Disney executive.

Logan has already recruited other execs with decades of experience to join him.

“It will go back to the values which I think the Disney company has gotten away from in my opinion,” says Logan.

DreamVision says it will bring a substantial number of jobs to Fort Worth, but declined to give an estimate.

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