By Jeff Ray

After a week in a row of 70 degree plus morning lows we enjoy (for the second morning) a nice start to our day.

NTX Tonight Lows

You can see that the morning lows on Friday and Saturday were the warmest mornings we’ve had so far this year. Not only warm but muggy, cloudy and breezy as well.

Temp Trend

Just perfect conditions to those who get outside in the early morning hours for a morning run, walk or ride.

The dew point will be on the rise this afternoon when the winds turn to the southeast. Still, a very nice summer day in store for us:

NTX Next Day Highs

Not much in rain chances for the metro area next couple of days. We’ll see some storms to our west and north that might clip our edges Tuesday and Wednesday. The best chance of rain comes with a cold front. As rare as they are in the summer months we’ll see a cold front dip into north Texas for a second time (it happened on mid-day Saturday, the 1:00pm temperature was lower than the morning low!). This front should fire up storms and decent rain chances:

500mb Energy2

With the front stalling to our south and then returning as a warm front heading into the weekend we should have some storm/rain chances sticking around for a run of days –  all the way to Sunday in fact. We’ll be right back into the 90’s on Tuesday and Wednesday (with the return of a south wind and muggy days) but the cloud cover should keep us in the 80’s the rest of the way.