With the possibility of severe weather coming into North Texas on Wednesday and Thursday.

We certainly don’t need the severe weather but rain would be very beneficial.  We are running rainfall deficits across North Texas.  Some areas are worse than others.

F6 Data Manual Plot

North Texas deficits range from less than 1″ in Dallas to over 10″ in Greenville and Sulphur Springs.

F6 Data Manual Plot-1

Since January we have had over 16″ of rain at DFW Airport which puts us at 3″ below normal. Since June of 2012, we’ve had almost 25″ of rain, which is a whopping 14″ below normal!  With that large of a deficit we are between the Moderate and Severe levels on the US Drought Monitor.

rainfall update

Although within the next week we do have a chance for rain, the rainfall will only provide minor relief and not drastically improve our current drought situation.  Here is the latest US Drought Monitor.

drought06032013 Big Rainfall Deficits Continue In North Texas

The peach color is Moderate Drought with the Orange being the Severe Drought.