But of course, the big weather story is the HEAT!

US Jetstream Pattern

With school still in session for Dallas ISD, many minds are not in Summer mode today as high temperatures push about 5 degrees above normal for this June 10th.  This after a pleasant weekend in the upper 80s.  The last time it was this warm for North Texas was September 26th when it officially hit 96 degrees at DFW.  But by this time last year, we had already been in the middle 90s nine times…with about half of those days in May.

NTX Todays Highs

Today begins our first big taste of what North Texas is known for:  extreme heat.  High temperatures will slowly warm from the middle 90s to the upper 90s through the weekend.  However, you can see the core of the heat will be over the Pandhandles and in western parts of Kansas and Oklahoma until later this week.  Below, I’ve drawn out the forecast high temperatures from 95 degrees to over 100 degrees to give you an idea where the core of 100 degree heat will be this week.  Friday should be similar to Thursday.

Heat Wave Central Plains Heat Wave Central Plains1 Heat Wave Central Plains2 Heat Wave Central Plains

The upper level pattern sponsoring the intense heat shows signs of temporarily breaking down into the weekend, however the overall pattern stays hot and dry.  In the two graphics below, you can see the core circulation still over us Friday, it will shift eastward enough to drive energy into West Texas and the Oklahoma.  It looks to be enough to trigger storms there that can hold together overnight Saturday for wake-up storms Sunday morning.  Being that far out, it’s not too bankable but worth watching as long range models are already in some agreement on the scenario.

US Jetstream Pattern US Jetstream Pattern