By CBS 11 Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry, CBS 11 Meteorologists Jeff Jamison, Megan McClellan, & Christopher Bryant


High’s today were not as hot as yesterday.  But with the humidity it certainly felt just as hot.  Here’s a look at the high temperatures from today.

Metro High Temps Today Auto Plot


Here’s a look at high temperatures from yesterday (Monday).  Dallas Love Field and Granbury made it to 100 degrees yesterday.  This is the first 100 degree reading in the metroplex this year.

Metro High Temps Today Auto PlotA


More areas will reach 100 degrees later this week.  Thursday will be the hottest day this week.  Here’s a look at high temperatures for Thursday.

NTX Tomorrows Highs1 Manual

Here in the Metroplex we will be right at 100 with our western counties being at 100 or above, and to the east becoming just slightly cooler.  Most of this week will continue to be sunny so make sure to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen if you are going to be outside for extended periods of time.

Dallas Love Field and Granbury both hit 100 yesterday, but DFW Airport has yet to hit 100.  If DFW hits 100 on Thursday, that will be our first 100° day.  How does this compare to last year?

100 degree facts
The first 100° day last year was June 24th.  If we hit 100 on Thursday, this will be 11 days earlier than last year.  In June of 2012, we had 5 days that were at or above 100° ; but the total number of days of 100 degree or above weather in 2012 was 34.


As the weekend nears, there will be an increase in clouds allowing temperatures to cool off just a few degrees.  These clouds will be coming from the Southwest with warm, semi-moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

TX SatRad Master11a

As these clouds move into the area, there is an isolated chance of showers in the Metroplex on Monday and Tuesday.

These storms will not affect temperatures.  We will continue to stay Hot and Sunny.


TOMORROW: 98° and Sunny with SW winds

THURSDAY: 100° – possibly our first 100 degree day of the year.

FRIDAY: 99° with a slight increase in clouds.

SATURDAY: Slightly cooler with some clouds.

SUNDAY:  Father’s Day will be a warm one with a high of 98° .  The clouds will keep us from breaking 100 in the Metroplex but make sure to keep yourself and Dad hydrated and protected from the sun.

MONDAY & TUESDAY: There is a SLIGHT chance of storms but temperatures will stay in the upper 90’s although the humidity will be low.