By CBS 11 Meteorologists Larry Mowry, Megan McClellan, & Christopher Bryant

Hot and dry weather continues to be in the forecast for the week ahead, but could rain be in store for the area this weekend?

The high pressure system that has been dominating our weather for the past several days will begin to move eastward causing an upper level low, currently in Mexico, to move toward North Texas, reaching the area by Saturday. The low brings with it a slight chance of showers and storms.  Below you can see the high shifting east with isolated storms this weekend.  Don’t get too excited about rain chances though, coverage will be very low.

TX FutureCastA

Our best chance of rain will be Saturday evening where there will be a 20% chance of showers across most of the Metroplex.

NTX Rain Chances1

Sunday, the better chances of rain will be in East Texas, but there is still a slight opportunity for rain across the Metroplex.

NTX Rain Chances11

Any rain we do see will be beneficial, but will do little to impact our current drought situation. Over the past 12 months, we are almost 12″ below normal.



Triple digits are out of the forecast for the week ahead, but it will remain hot no matter what the thermometer reads. Make sure you keep Dad hydrated on Father’s Day. Keep the sunscreen handy and the water bottles close as highs will remain in the mid to upper 90s over the next seven days.