By Jeff Ray

The latest high temperatures as of 3pm this afternoon:

NTX Highs This AfternoonA

Dewpoints are in the high 60’s so the “feel like” at Dallas Love Field right now is 101°F.

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch box just wen t up over Oklahoma. The storms are quickly getting organized and ramping up in intensity; no surprise given the heat and humidity:

KTVT Standard

I am more interested in the line starting to develop west of Wichita Falls and stretching north. Steering winds would push these storms into north Texas later tonight. The latest short range forecast models only disagree on the timing but all agree on the idea: WE HAVE RAIN/STORMS COMING IN TONIGHT.

Below is a sequence of the WSI RPM model we often use. It shows two rounds of storms, one in the late evening and another after midnight. This is a gift in a time of drought:

TX FutureCast

TX FutureCast1

TX FutureCast2

I’ll have the extended to you in another hour or so. It still looks like we have decent rain chance late tomorrow night and even better chances of rain on Tuesday.

After that it is looking rather dry all the way to the end of the month. Moisture building up from the Gulf helped along by a tropical system might finally break the upcoming dry spell by the early July.