By J.D. Miles

PLANO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Police in Plano and Carrollton are looking for a man who has broken into several North Texas homes. He’s not looking for silver or gold. Instead, he’s swiping credit cards and computers, which he uses to steal his victim’s identities and their money.

Plano police spokesperson, David Tilley says the thief recently broke into a Plano townhome, where he was “and was able to take a laptop and some other items including some credit cards.”

The credit cards were immediately used by the burglar, who was later captured by security cameras at area businesses and draining bank accounts at ATM’s with the help of the victim’s personal computer.

An ATM camera caught a crystal clear image of the man, which police hope will be helpful in tracking him down.

Plano burglary suspect (credit: Plano Police)

Plano burglary suspect
(credit: Plano Police)

“We were very fortunate it was relatively close up video, so we feel pretty confident that somebody out there based on the quality will be able to recognize this individual.”

Neighbors of the Plano victim say they will be more careful to secure their homes now that they know about this threat.

I’ll probably have to start doing it because i didn’t have any sort of reason to feel threatened or concerned about it,” said Plano resident Jessie Jakubowski.

Police believe this burglar lives close to the area where he’s committing the break-ins – and are hopeful someone will recognize him.

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