By Jason Allen

BURLESON (CBSDFW.COM) – Army Spc. William Moody was excited to show off the paperwork his family said. After two deployments to Iraq, another two to Afghanistan, the 30-year-old was finally going to be stationed at Fort Hood. His wife and three children, living in his mother’s house in Burleson, were just waiting for him to come home for the final time.

Tuesday, his wife Lacy didn’t hear from him. It was unusual. Even stationed half a world away in Bagram, Afghanistan, they would communicate constantly over the computer, family said. Lacy called her sister when she saw news of a mortar attack at the base. The Army arrived at her Burleson home in person, with word of Moody’s death, just a few hours later.

They had a three-year-old boy together, Graydon. She had eight-year-old Layla and seven-year-old Corbin when they got married in 2008. They instantly became “his” kids, family members said. Their last family picture, the one they sent out for Christmas this year, shows Layla and Corbin piled on his back, all smiles.

“They were happy,” said Lacy’s sister Judy Shalosky. “They were in love. I mean he loved those kids.”

Moody originally enlisted in the Marines, and was deployed to Iraq. After meeting Lacy he moved to the Army, and the couple moved to Colorado where he was based out of Fort Carson. He was deployed in 2009, again in 2010, and most recently in November 2012. He always told Lacy he was fine, that the base was safe. He confided in others, that maybe that wasn’t the whole truth.

“He told me when he was down here…’I would never tell her how unsafe it was and how many times I’ve been shot at. I don’t want to worry her’,” said Lacy’s stepmother Sharon Starr.

They were hoping he might be home by September. Then in April, Lacy’s father Randy Long pulled off the highway to take a phone call. When the trash truck hit him from behind, he never had a chance, Starr said.

Moody left his unit, and flew home to be with his wife and kids while they grieved. For two weeks, they were inseparable.

“They were together whole time,” Starr said. “He was playing with the kids. He was loving it.”

Still struggling with her own husband’s death, Starr looks back on it now as a tragedy that gave birth to an opportunity Lacy, William and the kids would otherwise not have had. He traveled back to Afghanistan. It was two months to the day from when Lacy’s father died, that she got the news that her husband had died.

“She lost her soul mate and she lost her dad,” Starr said.

Lacy and Moody’s mother Jeanette Wallace both flew to Dover, Delaware, Thursday to be there when his body returns to the United States.

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