FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – A North Fort Worth church is doing a lot of praying lately.

Pastor Doug Walker with the Fellowship of the Parks Church on Beach Street prays for a construction project about to start in front of his church.

“Praying very much about God putting the pieces together,” says Pastor Walker. “We believe this would be detrimental to us.”

Construction has gutted Alta Vista Road next to the church.  Beach Street is next. By mid-July the two lanes on Beach will be gone.  The City of Fort Worth wants to widen the street, but doing that means shutting it down for about four months.

“We are greatly concerned about us being able to get people in and out of our church, particularly when we are trying to open a new auditorium in August,” says Pastor Walker.

Pastor Walker says initial plans included having at least one lane open, but the city says by closing the section of Beach construction will be complete a year sooner.

“It’s a nightmare living over here. It’s very noisy. If I would have known that, I would have not purchased the house,” says Christopher Kippen who lives in the area. “I’m not very happy about it.”

Kippen and others worry what will happen when there’s an emergency.

MedStar is already having to plot out different routes.

Just in the last year, MedStar has responded to about 200 calls in the area.

“Because of the road construction we may actually send an ambulance from further away to get to the north side of that road construction, as opposed to trying to send a unit from the south through the construction even with an access road,” says Matt Zavadsky with MedStar.

When asked what that would mean for response times Zavadsky replied, “There will be about less than a minute time difference in that response time, but as we know sometimes in those cases a minute could make a difference.”

The city says there will be a temporary road build right along beach for EMS, but Zavadsky had not heard anything about it.  The project is slated to be complete before Thanksgiving.

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