DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Summer school is in session for DISD students, but some are asking, “Where are the teachers?”

As students showed up for the first day of class on Tuesday, several said there were not adults there to teach them.

WT White High school is one of nine locations for DISD high schoolers to catch up on credits or retake required courses.  An array of students there said teachers were present for some classes but not all.

“There’s not enough teachers here,” said summer school student Tony Avila. “It was not a good process going on.”

Summer school student David Reyes, 15, said he saw, “Some teachers.  Not a lot. They come help us get our credits.”

Five hours after the first day of the summer session ended, DISD officials acknowledged a teacher shortage, but defined the deficit as minor.

According to district spokesman Jon Dahlander, 500 teachers are working middle and high school programs, in which almost 9,000 students are enrolled for the next month.  Dahlander says some campuses are in need of more teachers, and the district plans to move them around.  Even more teachers are needed for summer enrichment programs for elementary-aged children.

Teacher associations say educators declined summer appointments to send a message and because of exhaustion as well as unhappiness under Superintendent Mike Miles required teaching regimen.

Those groups also say dozens more teachers will resign by July 12, adding to the 1700 vacancies created by teacher’s leaving the district.

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