KAUFMAN (CBS 11 NEWS) – Major developments in the murder investigation of two Kaufman County prosecutors.

Sources tell CBS 11 indictments will be announced later this week.

A Kaufman County grand jury has been hearing evidence against Former Justice of the Peace Eric Williams and his wife Kim.

Sources tell CBS 11 that Capital Murder indictments will be announced this week, possibly as early as Thursday.

Residents say the news will help them move on.

“Up until they arrested these people everybody was kind of looking behind their back, but I think now that its done everybody is breathing easier and its time to move on,” says Kaufman County resident Tim West.

Among the evidence considered by the grand jury, storage units full of weapons, ammo and vehicles believed to be used during the planned ambushes and execution style murders of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife Cynthia at their Forney home in
March as well as the slaying of Chief Prosecutor Mark Hasse two months earlier outside the courthouse.

Sources tell CBS 11 that forensic testing of more than 40 weapons seized links Eric Williams to the murders.

Williams denied any involvement after being exposed as a suspect early in the investigation.

That’s because he was prosecuted by McLelland and Hasse after being convicted of theft.

Courthouse security cameras captured him taking county computers after hours. Authorities believe Williams became enraged and threatened revenge for what he thought was a politically motivated prosecution that removed him from office.

His wife Kim is accused of driving the getaway car at both murder scenes and helping her husband cover up crimes that shook the community and took three lives.

“The trial needs to be quick and swift and I just can’t imaging the horror that they went through and it breaks my heart,” says Kaufman resident Stephen Morris.

Williams and his wife remain in the Kaufman County Jail.

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