Weather What’s Up:

  1. Breezy and hot again today.  Breezy even this morning.
  2. Pattern will heat up to 100 by Thursday with Wednesday coming close.
  3. The hot pattern could break down this weekend and bring storms Saturday to Tuesday.
  4. July begins Monday of next week!

This Morning:  temps 75-82.  Winds:  S 10-20.  Winds gusting to 25 mph keeping it pretty warm.  A few clouds, but otherwise mainly sunny.

Skycast Tuesday June 25

Today:  mostly sunny, windy and hot.  Highs 95-97.  Winds:  S 15-25.  The pattern is starting to heat up, but the winds are helping to mix the heat up into the atmosphere.  This occurred yesterday and it turned out a 95 degree high.  Today may do the same, but I’m sticking with my forecast high of 97 for the Metroplex.  There could be a spot shower or storm near Palestine/Athens area due to (believe it or not) the sea breeze, but staying high-n-dry for the rest of us.

NTX FutureCast

Before we talk our forecast future

Consistency has been the name of the game for our weather since last Thursday with the high at exactly 95 degrees each day!  And the morning low has been between 75-77 degrees every morning.  The weather pattern through the weekend was muggy and hot without the breezy conditions.  But, now we are dealing with windy conditions thanks to a fairly strong HIGH pressure system over the southeast US and a fairly strong LOW pressure system extending from Montana to Colorado.  The map below shows how the pattern looks right now.  This pattern will ease a bit Wednesday, but it should still be a breezy day.


Get Ready For 100s

With the above map showing what’s happening at the surface, the maps below show the pattern in the upper levels.  Today and tomorrow most of the southern half of the country is in a hot pattern with the core of 100 degree heat developing in West Texas to Kansas.  That core builds at the upper level “ridge” strengthens and centers to our west.  Still expecting the pattern to heat to 100 Thursday and Friday.  But, the pattern opens the door to a cold front and several smaller waves of energy that could trigger rain for North Texas Saturday through Tuesday.

US Jetstream Pattern US Jetstream Pattern1 US Jetstream Pattern KTVT 7DAY