By Jeff Ray

The cooler weather that started July has left; don’t expect it to return anytime soon as we settle back into typical warm July summer temperatures:


What will really be noticed is the increasing humidity. Last Wednesday dew points dropped down to the low 40’s last Wednesday, very dry air for July. Tomorrow the afternoon dew point will be in the mid-60’s producing a heat index that will top 100°. That’s a little more typical for early July outside of those times the dry line makes its way from west Texas into the metro area.

There is a tropical wave in the Gulf of Mexico that is sitting just off shore off Brownsville up to Corpus Christi.


This will slowly make its way on shore and bring some heavy rain for the coastal bend. It will also help bring in some very moist air for north Texas. Below you can see where the 70° dew points (in orange) where last night. By Monday theyll migrate from the coast up into north Texas and points beyond:

TX FutureCast Gulf Moisture

TX FutureCast Gulf Moisture1

Monday we’ll have enough moisture around to combine with the daytime heating to fire up a few storms. The closer to the coast line the better the storm chances:

NTX Rain Chances1

There is a chance on Thursday for some storms; this will be from a fast moving system moving from the northern plains into the Ohio Valley. The best chances for much need rain is better along our Red River counties. After that the upper air pattern locks in a dome of high pressure overhead. This will likely give us some triple-digit highs: