6-Year-old murder victim Alanna Gallagher (credit: Saginaw Police)

6-Year-old murder victim Alanna Gallagher (credit: Saginaw Police)

SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Saginaw focused on two neighborhoods hoping for new clues Monday in the death of a 6-year-old girl.

A week has passed since Alanna Gallagher’s body was found wrapped in a tarp. Police and investigators with the District Attorney’s office canvassed the neighborhood where she lived and where she was found dead.

Patrol cars blocked the intersection at Roundrock Drive and Cindy Lane where her body was found Monday night. About a mile from that location police re-canvassed the neighborhood where she lived.

Investigators say they are searching for more tips in the case, asking drivers questions and even searching vehicles.

“We are talking to all neighbors talking to anyone passing through — visitors — anybody to get more information,” says Saginaw Police Officer Damon Ing. “Nothing prompted this. It’s just the next step in the investigation.”

Jamie Moreno who lives near where Alanna’s body was found was questioned. He said police wanted to know his whereabouts during certain times.

Moreno spent several minutes talking to investigators and said he welcomed the extra attention on the case.

Saginaw resident Eboni Byndom stopped by a growing memorial for Alanna with her four young daughters. She also feels better knowing investigators are out and trying to do everything possible.

“I feel it’s their job and they need to do it to get a killer of the street like that it’s much needed as you see I have four girls and it really touched me,” says Byndom.

Alanna’s father Karl Gallagher posted the following message on his Facebook page thanking people for their prayers and support.

My dear friends,

Thank you all for your comfort and support in this horrible time. I haven’t been able to access the net much but when I’ve peeked seeing your messages has been a great comfort.

The State Guard, our church (Calvary Lutheran), and our neighbors are taking good care of us with food and such. The Saginaw Police, FBI, and many other investigators have been very professional and dedi…cated. The news media have been polite and respectful of our privacy. The sympathy and support from the community far and near has been amazing.

I know everyone else who’s met Alanna misses her. I wish more people could have had the chance to meet her. She took such joy in everyone she met. She would have given hugs to the whole world if she could. I am thankful for the time we had with her and the happy life we could give her.

I appreciate all your messages and support. I’ll respond as I can, my net access is still limited and I can’t access my email.

May Jesus hold Alanna in his arms. May God have mercy upon us all.”

Alanna’s funeral is scheduled for Thursday, July 11 at Calvary Lutheran Church in Richland Hills at 11 a.m. Her burial is after the ceremony at Greenwood Cemetery in Fort Worth.

Anyone with any information in regard to this tragic incident is urged to contact the following tip lines: 682.888.3682 or 682.888.3684.

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