FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – After being shot in the line of duty and left paralyzed, a Fort Worth police officer is fighting to keep some of her medical benefits. Lisa Ramsey was injured 10 years ago and, as a result, receives lifetime benefits from the state. However, she is still working, doing background checks for the Fort Worth Police Department.

“It’s as if the city continues to victimize me,” Ramsey said. “I was a victim from the shooting and, just every so often, I get picked at again.”

The injury took place in 2003. Ramsey was entering a convenience store, but the clerk behind the counter did not recognize her as a police officer. That clerk saw her gun and opened fire as she was coming through the door.

Ramsey receives about $35,000 from the Texas Department of Insurance for being paralyzed while on the job. Those are her lifetime benefits, and that is money that she will never lose. But she also has an annual salary of $77,000 paid for by the City of Fort Worth. The city, Ramsey explained, wants to cut off her worker’s compensation plan.

Ramsey claims that the city is trying to take away her benefits and force her into medical retirement. But the city manager said that the Fort Worth officer is double-dipping, and that the State Legislature “did not intend for an employee to simultaneously receive both” her lifetime benefits and a worker’s compensation plan.

The Fort Worth city council will address the issue on Tuesday. The proceedings will include an “informal report” to the council and discussion on the matter, but they are unlikely to vote until a later date.

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