By CBS11 Meteorologists Jeff Jamison and Megan McClellanBy Jeff Jamison

Although there are storms across the area and clouds in the sky, today was the 5th day of 100° temperatures.  This is the 3rd day in a row with temperatures above 100.

Currently across North Texas there are scattered storms from Breckenridge to Tyler to Sulphur Springs.  From now till 10 tonight, most of the rain chances will stay to the east of the Metroplex, towards Paris and Sulphur Springs, with some chances to the northwest of the Metroplex near Bowie.  Check the radar here, anytime of day.

NTX Rain Chances11


Across Texas, there are 139 counties under Burn Bans.  These counties are not allowed to burn anything outside.  This includes firewood, stoves, and fireworks.  North Texas has over 10 counties that are under burn bans including Erath, Navarro, Parker, and Hill counties.

burn bans


A large portion of the Burn Bans are due to the ground being so dry, not enough water in the lakes, and hot temperatures.  Now through Saturday, the high pressure system that is controlling our weather will stay above us and continue to bring warm temperatures.

TX FutureCast


On Sunday, the high will begin to move off to the west and a low pressure system will make its way into Arkansas and the extreme Northeast parts of Texas.  As the low moves this direction, scattered storms are a possibility.

TX FutureCast1


Next week, the low will continue to move its way east and station itself over Oklahoma and North Texas.  This low will continue to bring scattered storms across the metroplex.

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It will be a warm night tonight with most of the area sitting around 80°.  Tomorrow, most of the Metroplex will be in the triple digits.  If you must be outside, drink lots of water, keep sunscreen on, and go inside every couple of hours to cool off and let your body recharge from the heat.  Rain chances stay pretty close to zero for Friday, unfortunately.




There are a few more triple digit days coming, but as next week arrives, temperatures will be lower and there is a chance of rain every single day next week.  Keep your fingers croseed you’ll see at least a day or two next week with some rain on your lawn.