SOUTHLAKE (CBS 11 NEWS) – Rodney Tedder does his best to hold back tears, as he holds an album filled with pictures of his prized yellow labs Diamond and Willow.

His dogs ran off in May and he’s been searching for them ever since. Tedder says the dogs were picked up by the Humane Society of North Texas.

While Willow was adopted out, he says 9 year old Diamond is now at the Dallas/Fort Worth Labrador Retriever Rescue Club.

“There is just an empty spot in our lives,” says Tedder who lives in Southlake. “We care about that dog a lot.”

He says he finally found one of the dogs on a local rescue group’s Facebook page.

When asked what makes him so sure it’s his dog he said, “There is a distinctive spot on her left side.”

He goes on to point to pictures and say, “I don’t think any other dog has it.”

Tedder claims the non-profit is refusing to give him his dog back, even after he went to a meet and greet and identified Diamond in person.

“The first dog out was my dog and I was like appalled,” says Tedder. “My mouth dropped to the ground.”

The Executive Director of the rescue club says pictures provided to them by Tedder are several years old and do not match the dog they have.

Though the rescue club wouldn’t allow CBS 11 to see Diamond, Sherry Levin did say, “The dog we have in our program was picked up by animal control prior to the dates that Mr. Tedder told us he lost his dogs. These two dogs were sitting in the shelter for 3 weeks prior to our rescue and no one had come to see either dog or look for lost labs.”

Levin says she’s certain they do not have Tedder’s dog.

“I just know that’s my dog. When you have a dog that long you know what’s yours and what ain’t yours,” says Tedder.

Tedder has offered to double the adoption fee and give the rescue group a donation, but the rescue says he’s not even qualified to adopt one of their labs. Tedder says he won’t stop.

“She wouldn’t give up on me and I’m not going to give up on her,” says Tedder.

Tedder says his dogs did not have a microchip, but he says he certainly understands the importance now.

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