FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – The Community Storehouse in North Fort Worth depends on donors and volunteers to help them provide for children in crisis. But, now the charity is facing a crisis of its own: over the weekend someone helped themselves to the charity’s large box truck.

Executive Director Barbara Board says she was left feeling absolutely “sick” at the loss. The charity helps children who are facing the loss of a parent, loss of income in the household, or even a health crisis. During the summer, they also provide summer food and reading programs.

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“Right now, we have one truck to depend on for everything and it’s really impossible to do that,” says Board. “We provide for over 4600 students throughout the school year and the summer, so you can only imagine how much food and supplies and all that takes and we need this automobile to be able to transport those items to the children.”

The truck disappeared sometime between Saturday night and early Monday morning from the charity’s offices on Keller Hicks Road.

“It’s got our name all over the side of it. You’re not going to be able to miss it,” says Board. It’s a great big U-Haul truck. And so, I would ask everybody to just keep an eye out for it, and maybe if you see it, you could please contact us or Channel 11 so that we could get it back.”

Bill Lytle, Community Storehouse Pantry Manager, says right now they are running the “wheels off” of their smaller, remaining box truck picking up food donations.

“It’s going to be really hard to get by with one truck, because really the two trucks were a shortage, almost,” says Lytle. “We pick up food donations a number of times during the week.”

North Texas non-profits know that summers are already a struggle. Donations dry up and needs often escalate without the school safety net.

“So much of our money goes right back to the children to provide for them and it takes so much that honest to goodness, I don’t have the funds to replace the truck,” says Board, “and so to get it back would be wonderful.”

The critical hours would be any time after late Saturday night up until now. If anyone spots a large U-Haul truck with ‘Community Storehouse’ emblazoned on the side, police and staffers would love to know where.

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