By CBS11 Meteorologists Jeff Jamison and Megan McClellanBy Jeff Jamison

Temperatures are back on the rise, and it does not look like there will be any drought relief coming our way.


We are warming back up.  Since Saturday, the high temperature has increased 6 degrees, but by Friday, we could double that number and increase by 12 degrees.  We are looking at reaching 100 by Wednesday and staying there through next week.



The end of July is only a few days away.  The rain amounts for the immediate DFW area are ranging from 7.31″ below to 1.68″ below.  Since January, Dallas Love Field is only 1.68″ below the normal amount for this time of year.  Alliance Airport is 6.62″ below, Executive Airport is 5.77″ below, and Granbury is around its normal amount for this time of year.

F6 Data Manual Plot


A wider looks shows there is a wider range of deficits.  Breckenridge is almost 15″ below normal, but Hillsboro is less than 1″ below normal.  There is a need for rain, but the amount of rain that is needed, is not in our forecast.

F6 Data Manual Plot1


Although temperatures are on the rise and large amounts of rain are needed to end the drought, there are a few places that have some surplus.  Palestine, Corsicana, and Hillsboro are our top 3 airports with surplus for the month of July.




HOT HOT HOT are the words we will be hearing a lot.  Temperatures are back on the rise and we will be in the triple digits for the next several days.  As temperature increase again, make sure that you are prepared for the hot weather.  Be sure to drink lots of water, wear sunscreen if you must be outside, and if you must be outside for extended periods of time, go inside and cool off every couple of hours to let your body recharge.