DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It’s time for the back to school tug of war.  Kids want all the latest fashions and parents want to help keep costs under control.

Nicole Feliciano, the founder of Momtrends.com can make both sides happy.  She talked with CBS 11 about finding stylish and budget conscious fashions that will send your kids to the head of the class while keeping your budget in the black.

First,  some of the must haves.

“What we are going to see heading right out of summer into the back to school season is a lot of graphic tees, from movie characters to vintage advertisements.  Denim will also be a back to school staple.  This Fall we are going to see the continuation of the skinny leg and dark denim.  For girls a little bit of daytime sparkle.  We are seeing sequin on tops and a little bit of glitter on t-shirts.  And also the ‘80’s neon trend of Madonna is going to be showing up on the coolest kids for back to school.”

As for staying on budget, Feliciano shared her number one tip.

“Have a conversation with your kids about the budget so they don’t think you’re going to get everything before you head out to the stores.  Let them know you’re going to get “x” number of pieces or spend a certain amount of money.”

Feliciano also says look for quality on t-shirts and jeans.

“I like Hanes because the cotton is thicker and also the dye doesn’t fade as the year goes on.”

For more great tips and trends visit www.momtrends.com.

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