GRAND PRAIRIE (CBSDFW.COM) –  Grand Prairie is warning residents that the city could run out of water Tuesday after a water main break Monday night.

Crews worked through the night to repair the supply line, as the city informed residents to only use water essential for personal hygiene.

Residents and businesses have been told to turn off outdoor irrigation systems and not to use water outdoors.  The city is also recommending bottled water for drinking.  City officials say the crucial time will be overnight, when residents automatic sprinklers are set to turn on.

If the repairs are complete on Tuesday, which is expected, it may take until Thursday or Friday before the system completely recovers.

Public Works director Ron McCuller explained one of two main water supply lines running from Dallas into Grand Prairie has ruptured. The broken line, near the Carrier Parkway and Camp Wisdom Road area, is the largest in the city. This is a 60-inch concrete line, McCuller said.

“There was a piece of this pipeline that for whatever reason the concrete slipped off outside of it and exposed it to the soil and that ate a hole in the pipe.”

The damaged line provides 28 million gallons of water everyday.  On a typical day, the city uses 40 million gallons of water.  Today, only 17 million have been used.

Homeowners say they’ve noticed low water pressure, but are not completely out of water yet.

“I want to water my grass today, and I was hoping it would rain and kids want to play in the backyard – water and balloons – they won’t be able to play today,” said resident Owen Coley.

Businesses like Pepper’s Street Tacos say they had no water yesterday and are hoping they don’t have to close.

“This is something we can live with compared to yesterday,” said owner Pablo Suarez.

The city says its holding 8 million gallons of water in reserve in case of a large fire.

A boil order will be required if water pressure gets below a certain point, but it has not yet been necessary for the city to issue that order.

Residents can click here to get the latest updates on line repairs.

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