LEWISVILLE (CBS 11 NEWS) – A six-year-old Oklahoma boy who was the subject of an Amber Alert Tuesday was recovered safely in Lewisville Wednesday morning when his father surrendered to police.

Robert Connor III was accused of shooting and killing his own mother and kidnapping Declan Connor in Sand Springs, near Tulsa.

Investigators say Robert Connor shot his own mother to death in front of Declan’s 10-year-old brother, then made off with Declan when the older boy ran next door for help.

Robert Connor and his son were tracked to the Fairfield Inn in Lewisville overnight. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach Robert Connor by phone, police finally hailed him over a loudspeaker about 7:30 Wednesday morning and he gave up without incident, according to Lewisville Police Captain Jay Powell.

(credit: Lewisville Police Department)

(credit: Lewisville Police Department)

“It’s my understanding that he did come to the door with his child with him but that did not turn out to be any kind of problem for the officers who encountered him,” according to Powell.

Powell confirms Declan Connor was found in only his underwear, but was otherwise unhurt. Police had evacuated rooms above, below, and on either side of Connors’ room, for safety’s sake.   But other guests were dumbfounded at the SWAT firepower that suddenly appeared amongst them.

Ron Woleslagle told CBS 11 News, “I just thought they were an exercise or something. When I saw the guys with the rifles and wires running down the hall…it scared me.”

The elder Connor went to the Lewisville Jail and was transferred to Denton County later this afternoon. Other law officers and Texas Child Protective Services escorted Declan to Oklahoma, where he was given over to Oklahoma’s CPS agency. Declan’s aunt—Robert Connor’s sister—reportedly hopes to get custody of both boys.

The murder victim—Debbi Connor—was a widow trying to rear both boys. Their mother had not been in Declan’s life for three years and the father, Robert Connor, was previously diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and reportedly not taking his medication, according to family members.


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