Retired NFL Player Talks Injury & Concussion Settlement

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Mitch White was sitting on his couch Thursday morning, watching a rerun of a football game, when he saw news scroll across the screen he wasn’t sure could be right. The NFL had settled a lawsuit with 4,500 retired players over head injuries. White was one of those players. He had to call friends to make sure it was real.

“As soon as I had the full gravity of it hit me, I just broke down,” he said. “Like wow, its real. They actually, they settled it. It’s done. It’s just something that you don’t have looming over your head any more.”

White’s head took one brutal hit on the practice field eight years ago. He’s battled pain, confusion and depression ever since. The $765 million settlement is not technically an admission that the NFL hid what it knew about head injuries. White however, said it goes a long way to acknowledging what he and thousands of other players are experiencing.

“There’s just no denying there’s a lot of guys out there like me dealing with the strange injury of brain injuries,” he said.

Dr. Cagan Randall, who has treated players who were part of the suit at Carrick Brain Centers in Irving, agreed.

“They’re acknowledging it, that something needs to be done, that funds need to be allocated in a way for treatment, for better diagnostics, and to further understand what a concussion means,” he said.

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