By Jeff Ray

We’ll continue to experience warm September weather. The low this morning makes the point. The typical low this time of year is 70°. The low of 72° at the DFW airport makes it the coolest morning so far this month:


Tomorrow I think some afternoon storms will develop out on the Edwards Plateau and south. It’s looking rather dry for the metro:

NTX Rain Chances1111

With low humidity and brisk south winds we’ll have to watch out for grass fires, especially across the Red River valley.

The heat wave that is over north Texas extends well to the central plains. Look at forecasted highs tomorrow. The high in Omaha is forecasted to hit 98°, the record for the date is 100°.

RPM 12km Temps US

Meanwhile upper New England is getting cool weather. A frost advisory is in effect for update New York, Vermont and Maine. They had snow in this region on Memorial Day, only 104 days ago. That’s a short growing season!

KTVT Street Level

No relief in sight for our area this week. Look where the high pressure will be sitting mid-week… and on Sunday:

Heat Wave Central Plains1

Heat Wave Central Plains

Meanwhile in the Atlantic the slow start to the hurricane season could go down in the record books. If Tropical Depression number nine doesn’t turn into a hurricane by 8am Wednesday this will the deepest into the hurricane season we’ve gone since the 40’s without one forming:


Here is the extended. High will drop a few degrees but not much. The storm chances stay very small.