DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Alan Mason feels he was used by the Dallas Police Department.

“I’m really emotional about it,” Mason told CBS11’s Sharrie Williams during an interview from inside the Dallas County Jail.

“I’m trying not to cry about it.”

In a press conference last week, DPD leadership named the 29-year-old a person of interest in a series of nine rapes in Fair Park.  His name and picture were released to the media generating news story after news story about Mason.

However, Mason has not been charged in connection with the crimes.  In fact, DNA results linked a separate man, Van Dralan Dixson, to one of the sexual assaults.

Mason is in jail.  Dixson is on the loose.

“It’s very unprofessional, lazy police work,” said Mason. “It’s injustice to me.”

In the meantime, Mason is being held for violating his probation on a DWI conviction.

He has no other convictions on his record.

“I feel like they are holding me– hoping they can find more evidence that they don’t have. I’m totally innocent.”

Police Chief David Brown has not responded to requests for comment about whether Mason is still a “person of interest” or if the department will clear him.

Mason’s mother says the family has not heard from the department nor has the Chief admitted he made mistake.

Mason is an insurance agent and is working to open his own business.

He says he graduated from Grambling State University with a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

Mason feels the Dallas Police Department has ruined his reputation.

“Of course you see this on the news, whether you are guilty or not, you really are guilty until proven innocent,” he said.

The Department was heavily criticized for not releasing information about the rapes sooner.  The first two rapes happened in June. But a total of eight rapes were reported in Fair Park before police warned the public.

Mason was named a person of interest after a community meeting was held by police in South Dallas last Thursday.  Mason feels the department used him to take the pressure off its own alleged wrong-doing.

“The chief of police was feeling pressure because he did not handle those crimes properly by notifying the community,” explained Mason. “He had to have a scapegoat. I think he used my name to take the pressure off of him.”

“He doesn’t have any idea the pain he cost to me, the damage he cost to my life. He has a position and I respect everyone’s position and profession.  I’m on my way up the ladder trying to be successful. For him to do this– he has no regard for humans. It was a selfish act on his part to cover his own tail. “It’s not right to use me like that,” Mason said.

Mason, who is the father of a little girl, says he worries most about her opinion and her finding out what he’s been going through.

“It’s embarrassing. I feel helpless. Hopeless. Sad. Angry.”

Alan Mason says the Dallas Police department needs to clear him and apologize.

“I think they owe me more than just an apology but that would be a good start.”

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