(credit: Mackintosh Family)

(credit: Mackintosh Family)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah. (CBSDFW.COM) – A father in Utah did not approve of his daughter’s questionable fashion choices, so he decided to don a pair of short-shorts in order to embarrass her, and teach her a lesson.

Scott Mackintosh was going out to dinner with his family when he noticed what his daughter decided to wear for the outing. Daddy did not approve, but the 19-year-old girl refused to change. So, he changed instead.

Mackintosh took a pair of scissors to an old pair of jeans and found a “Best. Dad. Ever.” shirt that he had gotten for Father’s Day. The family got something to eat, played miniature golf, and even went out for milkshakes afterwards. “We do that once a week,” Mackintosh said. “We try to do an activity as a family.”

Mackintosh said that his daughter is covering up a little more now, and that he would dress up like a fool every single day if it would teach a lesson about self-respect. “The message that I went out there with was that I absolutely loved her and would go to any lengths to show her that,” Mackintosh said.

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