NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – In recent years there have been mass shootings at schools, military bases, temples and movie theaters. The locations all bring to mind the question – where, if anywhere, are we safe?

On Tuesday, some North Texans spoke about how they refuse to live in fear.

Summer Estes and friends joined the many others on the overcast September day soaking up a city’s centralized spot for comfort, camaraderie and kid-friendly environment. But even on the grounds of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, visitors know that ones safety is no longer determinant on their location.

“It doesn’t make me stop and not want to go to the park or school,” Estes said. “We have to keep living, because you can’t prevent what they’re going to do… you just don’t know.”

The shooting of children in a school, a movie theater massacre, serial rapists in residential neighborhoods and military men and women targeted by one of their own — Plano Clinical psychologist Sylvia Gearin said, “These events that happen are very impactful.”

Gearing calls it the heightening of personal anxiety and its rampant.  But she stresses the importance of viewing the incidents of mass violence as minimal, isolated acts. “It’s very important that people don’t paint the world with a broad brush. The world has danger, but its not dangerous across the board.”

At Klyde Warren Park, sadness and alarm were elements of the discussion. But concerns about personal safety didn’t keep people away. Plao resident Jasmine Flatley said, ” Well, I think personally you can only feel safe as you can feel in your community. You have to trust your community to be a safe environment.” Another Plano resident, Sandra Harris, agreed. “It’s true, anything can happen.  We have to live life and keep on going,” she said.

The hard truth may be this: violent acts have no boundaries, when it comes to the people who initiate those acts.

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