I am a happy guy. A real happy guy. Because my wife and older son recently bought me a new radio for my car….an HD Radio, along with all the other whistles and bells.

HD Radio really sounds good. And compared to the cost of upgrading a TV station from analog to digital, it is a fraction of the cost for a radio owner and the station can stay on its same frequency. It has been around for well over 10 years but like some things it takes consumers awhile to buy into it, unlike iPhones and Droids where we HAVE to have the latest right now!!

In the DFW area alone, according to www.hdradio.com, there are approximately 47 HD radio signals being transmitted, many of which are “HD2” stations, meaning they broadcast different programming than the HD1 station, similar to TV stations. I am hooked on KLUV-FM/HD2 because they play music from my era: the 1960’s. I also like KJKK-FM/HD2, “The Strip” where you can hear artists such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Tony Bennett. Some of the AM stations in town also are retransmitted on a co-owned FM HD2 position, mostly to extend coverage, get new listeners, and avoid electrical disturbances. Because digital is crystal clear.

For our CBS Radio Houston-Galveston cluster, there are approximately 51 HD Radio signals. As an example of excellent use of this technology, KKHH-FM, “Hot 95-7” uses it HD3 channel for its AM sister “CBS Sports Radio” which operates on 650AM with 250 watts coverage during the day only…no nighttime service. KILT-FM, 100.3, our successful country music station there, uses its HD3 signal to air SportsRadio 610 KILT-AM since this station operates with different directional patterns day and night which, with the help of KILT-FM, reaches more of the Houston-Galveston market 24/7. The only really strong signal AM station in Houston is Newsradio 740 KTRH and, while it operates with 50,000 watts of power day and night, it has to change its directional pattern in the evening versus its daytime pattern. But it is on KRRW-FM/HD3 and that fills in more of the coverage. For an area that is not a great AM radio market technically, HD Radio enhances those stations with a great sound and fantastic coverage.

Check out www.hdradio.com and learn more. Buy an HD radio today. You’ll be glad you did. See you next time.