By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

There will be another viewing opportunity TUESDAY EVENING in North Texas.  It will be at 7:26pm thru 7:31pm.  The ISS will start in the SSW horizon and than move to the ENE horizon.  It will not go as high in the sky as Monday evening’s view.  It will only be 40 degrees above the horizon.

We have the opportunity to see the International Space Station Monday evening as it orbits around the Earth.

At 813pm, the ISS will travel from the SW horizon to the NE horizon.

It will take only 5 minutes to travel across the sky.  So it will only be visible from 813pm to 818pm.

We will have great viewing with clear skies.

It will look like a white dot (almost like a star) moving relatively fast.  To some it may look like an airplane flying at high altitude and all you can see is a white dot.  But it will move faster than any plane.

ISS Viewing