LITTLE ELM (CBSDFW.COM) – In his 31-year law enforcement career, Little Elm Police Chief Waylan Rhodes has never seen burglaries like these.

“It’s something we’ve not dealt with in this area,” he said.

Early Monday morning at least five homes in two neighboring upscale subdivisions on the city’s east side were burglarized.

In each case the burglars broke into vehicles parked in the driveway and used the garage door remotes found inside the vehicles to gain access.

Inside her garage Monday morning, Teresa Daniel found the sunroof of her Cadillac smashed and the door frame bent.

Burglars broke into her husband’s truck that was parked on the driveway and used the remote inside to open the garage door.

Her car has extensive damage but the burglars in this case made off with nothing.

“This was just extremely frustrating because nothing was visible,” said Daniel. “Nothing was in the car.”

In the other nearby burglaries, thieves took purses, golf clubs, and even a bicycle found in a garage.

Rhodes said what is most troubling to him is in nearly every case, while the burglars were inside the garage, the homeowners were home.

“It is concerning that someone entered into the home and had someone woke up and discovered it,” Rhodes said. “You never know how that might turn out.”

Daniel and her husband were asleep just feet away from the burglars were.

Daniel said she can’t believe she didn’t hear them and wonders what might have happened if she did.

She said, “You wonder if they’re that brazen what else would they do.”

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