Late night listening to The K&C Masterpiece has now been turned into a drinking game.

From water to whiskey, everybody can enjoy K&C with these quirky moments in their five hour show. Play along with the beverage of your choice and feel free to add any more rules in the comments section below.

Print copies or copy link and distribute it to your friends.

  1. Wrestling References – one drink per wrestling-specific term (i.e. wrestler’s name, wrestling move, etc.)
  2. Mixed up scifi references – one drink per individual scifi reference (i.e. Darth Vader was Captain Kirk’s father = 2 drinks)
  3. DJ or Colby talks = one drink [BONUS: Intern talks on air – finish whatever is left of your drink (NOT WATERFALL)]
  4. Cory pisses Kevin off – one drink per instance or whatever seems appropriate
  5. “Shots fired” – one drink per utterance [BONUS: additional drink per shot fired]
  6. “Allegedly”/X-Files theme – one drink per utterance
  7. Segment derail – WATERFALL (keep drinking until end of derailment)
  8. Kevin says “(I’m) better” – one drink per utterance (“I’m” is not required to qualify)
  9. “Hey fatty” – one drink per utterance
  10. Fan texter insults Kevin – one drink per fan text
  11. Any reference to the number of kids Cory has or how often his wife is pregnant – one drink per any mention of the subject, FINISH YOUR DRINK if subject referenced in first segment after commercial break
  12. “Like a boss” – TAKE A SHOT (unless it’s during baseball season and the Rangers still have David Murphy, otherwise take one drink per utterance)
  13. Colby/Coach Wade impression – WATERFALL or SHOT (Colby’s choice)

Special Contributor Fan Fan Emily Moore created the first 13 rules to this game. There will be many more.

Listen to Kevin and Cory on the K&C Masterpiece, weeknights 6-11 on 105.3 The Fan.

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