By Jeff Ray

NTX Rainfall Totals Plot

An incredible amount of rain has fallen over Limestone, Freestone and Anderson Counties through the night. Extensive road flooding is being reported across these counties. The rain has finally let up but an Areal Flood Warning continues for these counties until 3pm:

Flood Adivsory

Here is a list of some of those rainfall amounts:

Rain Totals

Heavy rain makers trained over the same path from just southwest of Austin up to Tyler. Austin suffered serious flooding this morning.


The good news is that the rain has ended as a cold front sweeps across north Texas.

NTX FutureCastA NTX FutureCastB NTX FutureCastC

It’ll be extremely windy this afternoon behind the front. This will keep the temperatures in the low 70’s the rest of the afternoon despite the sunshine. The west winds will gust close to 30mph over the next three or four hours just behind the front. They’ll turn to the northwest later in the day and start dropping the temperatures rapidly. We should have less wind for these evening for the kids walking the neighborhoods for candy. Temperatures will be in the mid-60’s as the sun goes below horizon.

FutureCast RPM WindFutureCast RPM Wind2FutureCast RPM Wind3

An update on the extended:

Extended AM