DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Trent Shelton started out playing football for the Baylor Bears, and then later in the NFL. But he found his true calling as a motivational speaker. You might be able to find him bowling in Fort Worth or jogging along the Katy Trail in Dallas, but you will definitely find him online.

With around 1 million Facebook fans, Shelton’s most recent video about relationships has been shared more than 44,000 times.

CBS 11 News anchor Adrienne Bankert recently spoke with Shelton about his new path in life. “What’s the one problem in the world you want to solve?” she asked.

“People embracing who they are, their identity,” Shelton said.

The former football player speaks from experience, talking about the things that he has been through. Shelton’s openness has helped to make him a Facebook phenomenon. “A lot of those videos were my healing,” he said. “It was never my mission to have a whole bunch of likes.”

“It’s honest and it’s truth, and they’re going through the same thing,” Shelton added.

Even during his interview, Shelton had no problem sharing himself and his life, rattling off a list of things that most people do not know about him. “A lot of people don’t know I’m from Fort Worth,” he said. “I’m really quiet. I’m really shy, in a way. When I’m talking about something I’m really passionate about, I’m not.”

Shelton said that other people should not sell themselves short if they would like to get similar results. “I think companies worry about the business side too much, and not the realness side,” he said. “When you’re living the lifestyle, be honest and give that to the world.”

Shelton shared the below message with CBS 11 News viewers.

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