By Jeff Ray


We’ve had a major tornado outbreak happen across Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky,  and Ohio. So far there are 455 reports of Tornados, damaging winds and large hail. There are 79 reports of Tornadoes, a preliminary number but certainly


This is a look at the wind shear of the cell just before it struck the town of Washington, Il around 11am. Next to it is a photo taken by Matt Dayhoof a few hours later.

WashingtonTornado Washington Il

The NWS reports an EF-4 Tornado hit near New Minden, Ill killing two people. This is only November EF-4 in Illinois history; there have been only 20 EF-4’s in recorded history in November for the United States (records began in 1950).

Our thoughts and prayers are out to the thousands of people affected by this huge severe weather outbreak. It appears that Tornado Warnings were in effect along this squall line from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm.


I’m thinking that today will go down as the warmest day for the rest of 2013. The official high at DFW was 87°, tying a 75-year-old record for this day. Downtown Fort Worth hit 90°!

Almanac PM

This got within two degrees of tying for the warmest November Day PERIOD. Then tonight we’ll have an almost 40 degree drop from our afternoon highs:

Temperature Swings

You might have noticed the very humid air this morning; dewpoints where in the upper 60’s. That was just before the west wind drove a dryline through the metro area, dewpoints fell down to the 40’s mid-afternoon as a cold front moved over north Texas turning the winds to the northwest.

RPM 12km Wind Gusts Wide Texas

RPM 12km Wind Gusts Wide Texas1

Highs today in the upper 80’s; we’ll be in the upper 60’s tomorrow afternoon.  But look how the morning low temperatures have changed over the last few days; from freezing on Wednesday morning to low 70’s by this morning. Tomorrow morning? Back to something more typical of mid-November:


We’ll enjoy a couple of days of calm weather. Highs tomorrow in the upper 60’s. We’ll be in the 70’s by Thursday and Friday before another strong cold front comes in just before the weekend. Cloudy with rain chances on Thursday, storms possible on Friday just ahead of the cold front:

Long Range_Precip

We’ll be watching a pool of cold air slide down from the edge of the Arctic Circle and head into the Central Plains. This is going to make for a cold spell that hits on the weekend and lingers into the short holiday week:

Long Range_Cold Wave Long Range_Cold Wave2

With the cold air in place we’ll have a strong upper level low move over us late Sunday and Monday producing a chance for some heavy rain. There is a very slight chance we could even get some sleet mixed in with the rain:

US FutureCast4US FutureCast5

Here is the extended forecast:

Extended PM