JOHNSON COUNTY (CBS 11 NEWS) – Jacob Cramer is shy and won’t talk much these days. He sits on the couch at home from school, because he’s too scared to leave his house.

“He has threatened to harm himself if I make him go back,” explained his mother, Karin Spraberry West, “because he’s afraid.”

Jacob, 15, won’t talk about what happened to him last Thursday at Alvarado Junior High School. His mom says she had to force him to explain why his mouth was bloody when he got home. Jacob finally told her two students cornered him in the locker room and beat him up.

Spraberry West took pictures of Jacob’s bruises and bloody mouth, to document what happened to him.

When CBS 11 News reporter Arezow Doost asked the teenager if he felt safe going back to school he shook his head no.

“My biggest fear came true. I was thanking God that he didn’t die,” his mom said. “I want my son to be able to go to school and feel safe.”

Jacob is in the 8th grade, but looks much younger because of his disabilities. He has epilepsy and has had two brain surgeries after doctors found water on his brain.

“One of them [procedures] resulted in a shunt and the shunt drains the fluid from his head to his stomach.  It’s very dangerous if he gets hit in the head or stomach it could actually kill him,” Spraberry West said fearfully.

Jacob’s mother explained that because of his special needs an aide is with Jacob at all times at school, but on Thursday he told his mom the aide left early.

Alvarado ISD Public Information Officer Tommy Brown released this statement:

Alvarado ISD takes any accusation of bullying seriously and vigorously investigates each and every claim made by parents and students.
In an incident reported to the district late last week, local law enforcement conducted an investigation and found no wrongdoing. Independent from that investigation, Alvarado ISD officials are currently conducting their own investigation to determine, without any doubt, if any type of bullying took place.
Regardless of the results of the investigation, the safety of all Alvarado ISD students is our top priority and we will continue to be vigilant in making sure they are safe.”

Jacob’s mom believes the district failed her. She’s now trying to figure out how to move forward with schooling for her son and is raising awareness when it comes to bullying on her Facebook page.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating the incident as a possible assault.

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