The Astrodome in Houston. (credit: David J. Phillip-Pool/Getty Images)

The Astrodome in Houston. (credit: David J. Phillip-Pool/Getty Images)

HOUSTON (AP) — Four circular pedestrian ramp towers outside the Houston Astrodome are set for demolition next month while the fate of the entire aging and unused structure remains uncertain.

The work had been planned regardless of this month’s vote on a $217 million bond issue that would turn the stadium into an event and exhibition center. Harris County voters rejected the proposal.

Reliant Park General Manager Mark Miller tells the Houston Chronicle three of the towers, which form corners for the circular building, are set to be taken down with explosives Dec. 8 if weather is favorable. Workers will use demolition equipment to level the fourth tower.

They all were built in the late 1980s to help accommodate an expansion intended to keep the Houston Oilers football team in Houston.

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