(credit: KRLD/Chuck Schechner)

(credit: KRLD/Chuck Schechner)

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Police say a man has died after being shot at a business on a south side strip mall.  It happened at the Smokin Dragon Gifts store in the 5900 block of South Cooper Street Tuesday morning.

Police say officially they haven’t yet determined just what happened to set off the scuffle, but there was gunfire that spilled out into the parking lot.

One of the store clerks, Johnathan Brian Lambert, 28, of River Oaks, is in the Arlington City Jail and is facing a charge of Murder for shooting one of the men. Bail has not yet been set.

“Shocked. My heart was racing,” Amber Floyd told CBS 11 News. She was working next door and says she didn’t hear anything until trouble started.

“Glass broke, and then I heard two gunshots, and I went and looked out the window and saw the guy that was working here aiming the gun at the getaway car and the guy that was shot leaning against the car on the ground.”

Floyd said she was scared; she wasn’t sure what might happen next. “I ran to the back, I didn’t know if there was going to be any gunshots through the wall or anything.” she added, “I didn’t hear any argument, I just the glass break and two gunshots.”

Officially, as of late Tuesday afternoon, police were saying only there was some kind of altercation involving two armed store clerks and two other men who had been inside the store.  Public Information Officer Tiara Ellis Richard explained,  “So the clerks were holding two other men at gunpoint, and at least one of those died from his injuries. The other was uninjured and was actually talking to officers at this point.”  No identities were available as of this writing.

The owner, who can monitor store video from her home, tells CBS 11 News her employees said the two other men had tried to run off with merchandise here yesterday, and apparently they came back today to try again.   She described it as an attempted robbery and scuffle at the cash register. She says it was caught on surveillance cameras. One of the clerks could be seen being released from police at the scene. The other clerk remained on the scene awhile longer talking to investigators.  The man who accompanied the shooting victim is the only person known to be held by police for further questioning.

The store owner said the store is not in a particularly high crime area.  There has been only one burglary, one grab-and-run, and two shoplifting crimes at the Arlington address in the neary four years Smokin Dragon Gifts has been open. But she was robbed at gunpoint at another of her stores so that’s why clerks here were armed.

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