By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

As we get ready to wrap up the month of November, temperatures this month in DFW have been below average.

In fact, thru Nov. 29, we are nearly 4 degrees below average when looking at our normal high.  We are over 2 degrees below average when compared to our normal low.  Precipitation is also running 1/2″ below normal.



December will likely be cold just like November.  How much colder?  It could be anywhere from 1 to 3 degrees below normal.  The whole ball game will come down to a surge of Arctic air that arrives late next week.  There is still a little doubt as to whether that cold surge pushes into the Southern Plains or travels more toward the Northeast US.  If it heads our way, that will set the stage for a cold extended period from about the Dec. 6 or 7 thru Dec. 20th.  After Dec. 20th there is a little more uncertainty as to how temperatures will play out.

December Outlook

Keep in mind there will be several days in December that will be really mild.  A classic example of that is this November.  On Nov 17th, the high temperatures was 87 degrees at DFW!  The hottest temperature ever recorded in November is 89 degrees.  So despite having that incredible warmth, we still ended up nearly 4 degrees below average with our high temperatures.

Here’s what I think temperatures will look like across the US this December.  Much of the country will be below average.

Monthly Outlook

As for precipitation, I expect above average precip in the Midwest and Mississippi River Valley.  We will likely end up with average precip in North Texas.

Monthly Outlook Precip