By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

Enjoy the mild weather today and tomorrow, by the end of the week it gets COLD!

Temperatures today have warmed into the 70s for many of us with enjoyable sunshine.  To the northeast the fog has been slow to burn off.

Here is a look at temperatures at 3pm Monday.  Note the temps in the 50s in Paris and Clarksville.  That’s where the fog is still located.

NTX Temp Plot

I expect more fog to form overnight favoring areas east of the I-35E corridor.  It will be cool with overnight lows in the 40s.


NTX Overnight Lows

TOMORROW’S HIGHS – more sunshine and warm!

NTX Tomorrows Highs


An initial cold front will arrive on Wednesday and push temperatures down into the 60s for high son Wednesday.  But the Arctic cold front gets here Thursday morning and puts us in the cold air.  Temperatures on Thursday will be in the 30s most of the day.


TX Temp Plot w Contour

Here’s how the temperatures will play out over the course of the week.  We go from 70s to highs in the 30s.

5 Day Trend


Rain will develop on Thursday and initially start out as just rain.  But as temperatures cool Thursday night, there is the potential for freezing rain.  I know what you are saying.  It didn’t happen last time so it won’t happen this time.  That may be true.  Temps may be too warm again, but the POTENTIAL is there for an ice storm.  The exact profile of the temperatures in the atmosphere won’t be known until we get to Thursday night.

So the freezing line could set up out WEST Thursday Night/Friday Morning.

NTX Rain Chances11a

OR it could set up right across DFW Thursday Night/Friday morning.

NTX Rain Chances11a1

OR it could set up to the EAST Thursday Night/Friday morning.

NTX Rain Chances11a2

If you live in the northwestern half of North Texas there is a really high likelihood of seeing freezing rain Thursday night into Friday morning.  In DFW it is a little more uncertain.  And to our east there is just a small chance of seeing freezing rain.


Temperatures will stay in the 30s all day Friday and Saturday.  There is the possibility of more wintry weather Saturday night into Sunday morning, but again temperatures will be close to freezing in DFW.


If you missed my December Outlook here it is.  Most of the month will be cold.